Logan Magsanay

Logan Magsanay

Personal Trainer


American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

From an early age, I was involved in all kinds of sports. I started in little league baseball at the age of four, then branched into swimming and basketball at age five. All throughout my youth, I liked to participate in various team and individual sports just to fill up my free time. I've always been around athletics and enjoy the diverse populations that played them alongside me. When I got to college, I never questioned myself about what I might want to do with my future. I pursued Kinesiology because I've always been fascinated by, and involved with human movement.

Turning Point

The true turning point in my approach to training, coaching, and the study of movement in general, came after I suffered a knee injury while playing basketball. It was the first serious injury I'd ever suffered in sports, and it changed my perspective on exercise forever. Having gone through physical rehabilitation, and seeing how limited someone can become without regular physical activity, I was finally able to appreciate the challenges that come with health and wellness. Everyone has their own unique challenges and their own unique starting places. Now I love to learn about my clients so I can take care of them and provide a program that improves their quality of life.

Motivation & Passion

Exercise, physical activity, and wellness are all things that are too often taken for granted. The average person might be struggling with motivational issues, time constraints, or a lack of knowledge altogether when it comes to health and wellness. What I seek to accomplish with my training is improving the quality of life for my clients, and showing them that they CAN make progress, and they CAN live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Whether it be through athletic training, mobility and balance training, or training for general wellbeing, I can make a program that works for you and helps you feel better going through life.

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